You may have many questions when you're going through the process of getting new floors. One of those may include whether or not you need baseboards for your remodel.

After the floors are installed, there is usually a gap between the end of the wall and the perimeter. Baseboards cover the gap between where the wall ends, and the floors start, eliminating the "unfinished" look.

Why baseboards are important

No matter what product you choose, there will most likely be a gap between the floor and the wall. This space makes baseboards a necessity for installations if you prefer a clean, crisp look.

If you're lucky, the flooring company you choose will install baseboards before or after placing your chosen material. A proper installation won't look finished or give a quality look you want if baseboards aren't included.

Baseboard considerations to get started

If you choose to go with carpet for your remodel, we will install baseboards before the carpet to tuck the edges of the carpet out of sight. Baseboards fill the gap and can stop dirt and debris from penetrating the bottom of your walls and getting under your chosen materials.

Baseboards serve many different purposes, from preventing water and moisture from getting under your new floors and penetrating your walls to stopping insects and pests from entering your home. Baseboards can also protect from scratches and dark marks at the bottom of your walls that may occur when you sweep or vacuum your floors.

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